Weight 5375 metric tons
Height 55.5 meters
Grimoire Necronomicon
Pilot(s) Azrad


Aeon was the original Deus Machina of Al Azif, piloted by her countless masters throughout the decades.


Aeon is a crow-like Deus Machina. Its armor is black with metallic blade-like wings attached to various parts of its body.

Its heart is the Nucleus Spell: Lamp of Alhazred, which operates by consuming its user's soul to use and empower its spells and the machine itself.


Scimitar of Barzai: The black blade is Aeon's most often used spell weapon. Multiple blades can be summoned at once and controled via telekinesis.

Barrier: Aeon can also use these scimitars to form a barrier around itself.

Regeneration: Aeon can assimilate into a specific object and regenerate the object as if its time were being reversed. The duration of the spell is dictated by how long Aeon stays assimilated with it. The moment Aeon stops the spell, the regeneration is undone.

Revolvers: Two long, metal revolvers that fire at the same rate as Gatling guns. These revolvers fire magic bullets which are created inside of the guns' intensely rotating cylinders so long as the pilot can continue to feed the weapon magic.

Wings:  Aeon's wings can be used for flight and as melee weapons.