Augusta Ada Derleth
Ada Outfit
Japanese Name オーガスタ・エイダ・ダーレス
Voice Actor N/A
Gender Female
Status Alive
Affiliation Hadou Financial Corporation

Weekly New World

Augusta Ada Derleth, simply referred to as Ada, is a primary character in both Deus Machina Demonbane Kishin Taido and Deus Machina Demonbane Gunshin Kyoshuu.


Ada has the appearance of a seventeen year old girl with long blonde hair and red eyes.  Her clothing resembles the clothing worn by those from a very noble and rich family, and usually wears her glasses and a hat too while carrying a small bag with her.

Her Knight of Science armor is a short and fat motorized suit with two arc lights attached to the diving suit-like helmet wielding a large electric pole


Ada, an ice cream fanatic, is known most as an inventor and a reporter.  Referred to as her hobby by the towns folk, Ada acts as both the chief editor and reporter of the Weekly New World, the newspaper that is operated entirely by Ada and her maid Nyla in her mansion.  As someone who is unaware of the occult, she focuses much of her reporter work on finding the truth behind monsters and urban legends.

Ada is also a skilled inventor, creating a mechanical suit that soon saw mass-production from Hadou Kouzou.  She had also developed a pocketwatch with a built in alarm system only to have the idea stolen by Hadou Kouzou.


Though Ada isn't much of a fighter, she does have access to her Knight of Science armor.  Though the armor inhibits the user's maneuverability and speed, it does offer a decent amount of protection, has a built in buoyancy apparatus that reduces falling speed, and weilds a large electic spear.