Normal | The Emperor of the Earth
Augustus Normal
Japanese name アウグストゥス
Voice Actor Norio Wakamoto
Also known as The Emperor of the Earth
Affiliation Black Lodge


Gender Male
Grimoire The Golden Bough
Deus Machina Legacy of Gold

Augustus (アウグストゥス, Augusutusu) is Master Therion's right-hand man.  After the Anticross's coup d'état, Augustus proclaims himself as the "Emperor of the Earth" and acts as the new leader of the Anticross. He owns the grimoire The Golden Bough (金枝篇Kinshihen?) and controls the Deus Machina Legacy of Gold.


Augustus is a tall, slender man with sharp eyes and defined muscles that are visible even under his suit.  He wears heart-shaped earings with a large ring on each finger, each with "79" inscribed onto their surface.

After becoming the Emperor of the Earth, Augustus discards his suit and instead wears a white mantle, a crown, and new golden accessories on his hand.


Augustus's outward personality is very cold and condescending.  He doesn't hesitate to conspire against those that he finds to be an obstacle or a liability.  This leads him to convince the other members of the Anticross to kill Master Therion.  As the new leader of Black Lodge, Augustus's arrogant and audacious personality surfaces further, going as far as to crown himself as the "Emperor of the Earth" after Cthulhu was properly summoned.


As a sorcerer, Augustus utilizes The Golden Bough for combat.

Luminus:  Augustus summons several dozen slabs of gold that float around him, each one glowing with arcane symbols.  At his signal, every slab lights up at once and a sphere of light forms between each pair.  When released, those spheres bounce wildly through the maze formed by the slabs of gold, drawing a network of radiant beams, until they ricochet out of the group and make a beeline for the target.

Aport:  The slabs of gold that surround Augustus vanish and reappear around the target and create a cage.  Beams of light are fired into the cage and bounce between the panes, trapping the target in a shining prison.