Normal | Magius Style
Japanese name アズラッド
Voice Actor Okiayu Ryotaro
Affiliation Hadou Financial Corporation
Gender Male
Grimoire Necronomicon
Deus Machina Aeon

Azrad is one of Al Azif's past masters and the prontagoist of Deus Machina Demonbane Kishin Taidō.


Azrad's eyes are sharp and dark red and he wears a silk black hat, a black coat, and usually carries a cane. While his choice of attire resembles that of a regular British gentleman, his skin is that of an Arabian.

In his Magius Style, he wears a form-fitting black costume with magic words poping out form the surface of the costume and demonic black wings located behind him.


Azrad was once a very careful and faithful man.  His only hobby was reading foreign books. Combined with his uncle's large collection of foreign books and his own peculiar ability to understand an entire langauge just by looking at a few words, Azrad had learned quite a few foreign langauges. After Walda's murder, however, Azrad's once careful demenor became that of an irrational man seeking revenge. This five-year long search for revenge lead him to threaten people, steal from people, and bribe people.


Scimitar of Barzai: Azrad's perferred weapon. It is a black crescent blade. Through the use of the Sign of Voor, he can transform his cane into a Scimitar of Barzai.

Dispelling: The Scimitar of Barzai can be used to undo the effects of spells.
Mutliple Scimitars: Azrad can summon and control multiple scimitars at once through telekenetic abilities.

Spell Buffing: Azrad can empower spells and weapons such as the Scimitar of Barzai. Should he need to, Azrad can also absorb a magically enhanced weapon and gain the effects of the enhancement.

Magius Style:  Along with an increase to his physical abilities, Magius Style also grants him advanced, superhuman vision and can use his razor sharp wings as method of flying or as a slicing weapon.