Cthugha (Spell)
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Cthugha Spell
Grimoire Necronomicon
Deus Machina Demonbane

Belzebuth (Temporary)

User Daijuuji Kurou, Tiberius (Temporary), Ruri (Temporary)

Cthugha is one of the spells contained within the Necronomicon.


Cthugha is a spell that calls upon the power of the Great Old One of the same name to generate intense heat and power. Though it is preferable to use it in conjunction with a spell weapon, Cthugha can be used without one. Without a spell weapon, Cthugha summons a ball of intense and destructive heat. To simply use a weaker version of the spell, Tiberius had to use a powerful layered barrier to protect Belzebuth from Cthugha's heat. When used again by Kurou at Innsmouth, the spell destroyed a sizable chunk of Innsmouth and melted most of Demonbane's armor.

Spell WeaponsEdit

Hadou CorporationEdit

To insure that Cthugha could be used without placing Arkham at risk, the Hadou Financial Group constructed their own spell weapon.  Although this spell weapon was to limit Cthugha's power to a tenth of its normal capacity, the weapons weakness combined with Kurou's amateur abilities as a sorcerer caused it to go haywire.  Afterwords, it never saw use again.

Tyrant's GunEdit

Initially one of the firearms used by the Tyrant and produced under arcane principles, this spell weapon is an automatic with a front mount magazine. It is colored in a deep black and crimson with ornamented engravings. This spell weapon uses .50 AE rounds. These bullets contain Powder of Ibn Ghazi and are enchanted from the “The Minions of Cthugha” engraved onto their surface. The combination of magic power and the Powder of Ibn Ghazi turns the bullets into explosive shells. With this spell weapon, Cthugha was used to much of its potential. When used by Demonbane, Cthugha was strong enough to destroy the entire upper half of the Deus Machina Kraken in a single shot.