Commonly referred to as D.D., Darkness Dawn is a cult based in Manaus that worships the Outer God Zs-a Wia .


Originally, Darkness Dawn was a mere social club for busy bodies and those of the higher social classes; however, in 1880, Raal Rovdy joined the group for the purpose of gaining money, power, and personal connections from the high-class members. Rovdy's influence had the members be prescribed psychotropic and hallucinogenic drugs. These drugs caused them to be psychologically bound to Raal Rovdy and his teachings. Members that opposed of Rovdy's influence met unexplainable deaths, while those that followed Rovdy's teachings left him their fortune and vanished from the public eye.

With the money Rovdy obtained from the manipulation of the club, he sponsored an expedition to Manaus and manipulated the local tribe, the Servants of Zs-a Wia , into following his teachings and transforming Darkness Dawn into a cult that worships Zs-a Wia.