Innsmouth is the home of many Deep Ones that appears in Deus Machina Demonbane

History Edit

Once a small putrescent port town inhabited by the Deep Ones, Innsmouth now exists as one of the most prestigious resorts in America thanks to the efforts of Hadou Kouzou.

Gilman House Edit

Gilman House

Innsmouth's most notable attraction, Gilman house is a large beach-side hotel in Innsmouth constructed by the Hadou Group. The hotel features pools, hot springs, restaurants, bars, and everything from standard rooms to suites. Despite its immense popularity, many locals have shown great animosity to the construction of the resorts, claiming that the projects have done nothing more than destroy nature.

Deep Ones' Temple Edit

Innsmouth is also home to a few offshore islands. One of these islands houses a temple dedicated to the worship of Father Dagon and Mother Hydra. This temple, constructed as long as a millennia ago, is constructed purely of stone. The surface of the temple shows its age, having been long overrun by moss and vines.

Dagons Altar

The inside of the temple is littered with odd sculptures, described as detailing shapes beyond human comprehension, while the murals would make one nauseous from looking at it. The air is luke-warm and smells of fish and saltwater. Within the heart of the temple lies an enormous altar with a large statue of a monstrous fish beast.

A large chunk of Innsmouth, however, was annihilated after Demonbane used the untamed power of Cthugha.