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Ithiqua Cloud
Japanese name イタクァ


Also known as Wendigo


Affiliation Great Old Ones

Ithaqua refers to both the Great Old One and the pages pertaining to the Great Old One of the same name within the original Necronomicon.



Ithaqua's presence has become integrated with the mythology of the Inuits, who refer to it as the Wendigo.  At some point in time, certain groups have provided the Great Old One with sacrifices.  These sacrifices were abducted by Ithaqua and taken beyond the sky to many different worlds.  Purportedly, Ithaqua would also turn some of its victims into wendigos.


Ithaqua is naturally a great white cloud that is large enough to cover a sector of Arkham City, subjecting the sector to a spontaneous and persistent freezing weather.  Ithaqua also assumes the form of a dragon.  The dragon's body and wings are constructed from ice and it is entirely adorned in freezing temperatures.


Due to Ithaqua's existence as a giant cloud, it is largley impervious to most damage; however, Ithaqua also has the ability to change its own form.  This power can be used offensively by expanding then completely contracting to become a frozen hammer of wind to crush its opponents.  Another use of this power is to assume the appearance of a dragon.  With this form, Ithaqua could bite and tear at its opponent using its teeth and claws.