Weight 6222 metric tons
Height 63 meters
Grimoire Cthaat Aquadingen
Pilot(s) Caligula

Kraken (クラーケン, Kurākenis the durable yet sluggish Deus Machina of the Cthaat Aquadingen, piloted by Caligula .


Being summoned through a magical circle formed by six skyscraper sized water pillars, Kraken, as its name would suggest, is a largely water themed Deus Machina.

Standing over fifty meters tall, Kraken has a very thick and stocky form. Its body is primarily black with complex patterns of magical waves flowing through its body and two large head-mounted fins stretching from one shoulder to the other. Like most other Deus Machina, Kraken also has silver mercury-like blood.

Performance wise, Kraken is a powerful yet incredibly slow and ponderous machine. To compensate for this, Kraken is heavily armored, durable enough to withstand a full power slash from the Scimitar of Barzai to the face with only minor injuries. Should Kraken be out-maneuvered, its arms can extend many times the normal length and can travel through the air and through the ground. These snake-like arms are fast and maneuverable, being able to constrict and tear at any target that is too fast for Kraken's normal abilities.   


  • Kraken's Arm Extension
  • Kraken's Barrier Field

Arm Extension: The Deus Machina's arms can extend many times their normal length. In this extended form, the arms are incredibly fast and agile and can travel underground. Should the arms reach the target, they would either constrict and crush them or claw and tear at their body.

Water Hammer: Kraken can summon a large spherical hammer of solidified water to crush the target.

Waterspouts: Kraken summons multiple large waterspouts. It can then manipulate these waterspouts by having them warp and follow the target in an attempt to crush them.

Water-based Projectiles: Kraken can create a huge mass of water and turn all of the droplets into bullet-like projectiles.

Shockwaves: Should an enemy, large or small, get too close to it, Kraken can expel a strong shockwave of magical energy to repel the enemy.

Barrier Field: A blue barrier field that protects Kraken from head on attacks. This barrier field also repels anybody that comes in contact with it.

Iceberg: A gargantuan iceberg is summoned over the enemy and is dropped on top of them, crushing them compeltely.