Legacy of Gold
Legacy of Gold
Grimoire Golden Bough
Height 81.5 meters
Weight 13470 metric tons
Pilot Augustus

Legacy of Gold is the golden-clad Deus Machina of the Golden Bough and is piloted by Augustus.


Legacy is a large fortress-like Deus Machina. It's limbless body strongly resembles a pharaoh's headdress and is constructed entirely of a material that resembles gold. Attached to its torso are multiple cannons that are concealed by a retractable plate of armor.  Due to its lack of limbs, Legacy of Gold relies on levitating as its sole method of moving.


In terms of combat, Legacy of Gold predominately utilizes its cannons. It can choose to fire all cannons at once or to fire a stronger beam from its center canon. Firing from multiple cannons creates a less concentrated beam, but proves to be more complicated to avoid, while firing the single beam offers a more deadly attack.

Once Legacy of Gold has been connected to Cthulhu, the Deus Machina undergoes a slight change in power. With Cthulhu, the Legacy of Gold has access to quick regenerative abilities that regenerates any destroyed or damaged parts from newly formed tentacles. Its defensive abilities are upgraded as well, now being able to withstand a barrage of attacks from Cthugha and Ithiqua as well as their God-Beast Shells.  Legacy of Gold also obtains the ability to expel an explosive magic and violent miasma after connecting with Cthulhu.