Lord Byakhee
Lord Byakhee
Grimoire Claudius's copy of the Celaeno Fragments
Height 42.1 meters
Weight 1856 metric tons
Pilot Claudius

Lord Byakhee is the Deus Machina of Claudius's copy of the Celaeno Fragments and is piloted by Claudius.


Lord Byakhee has a slender humanoid form with green armor with its chest acting as its head. Installed within Lord Byakhee is both an air propulsion unit and an anti-gravity device, both aiding its flight.


Lord Byakhee can make use of Hastur's magic for both offensive and defensive purposes. As an offensive ability, Lord Byakhee can summon multiple enormous tornadoes, while, defensively, the tornadoes can form a defensive barrier of wind around him.

Outside of the magic, Lord Byakhee resorts to its rifle to pummel its enemy from range.


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