The Mirror of Nitocris (ニトクリスの鏡, Nitokurisu no kagami) is a simple red compact mirror.  In Deus Machina Demonbane, The Mirror appears as a lost fragment of Al Azif that Nya gives to Alison.


The Mirror of Nitocris inherits its name from its original owner, Queen Nitocris.  Nitocris had originally used the mirror to peer into the Dark World.  Not much of its past is known outside of that; however, the mirror's malevolent nature often leads to the owners being possessed by the manifestation of the mirror - whether or not Nitocris fell victim to the mirror as well is unkown.


The Mirror of Nitocris has the ability to thin the boundary between fantasy and reality and give shape to one's imagination. Within the story, Alison used the mirror to summon the White Rabbit, Humpty-Dumpty, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, Card Soldiers, the Griffon, the Mock Turtle, and the Jabberwock, all of which are entities from Alice in Wonderland.