Nameless One
Nameless One
Weight 755768 Metric Tons
Height 312 meters
Grimoire Unaussprechlichen Kulten
Pilot(s) Nero

Nameless One is the enormous Deus Machina of the Unaussprechlichen Kulten, piloted by Nero.


Nameless One's glittery silver appearance is modeled after an otherwordly god and is constructed under principles of another universe.  Attachted to its lower body are two giant shield-like arms that usually act as Nameless One's weapons.  Its upper body is largely humanoid with two arms and a shield-like face.

In terms of performance, Nameless One's sheer power alone emanates a divine aura that renders its presence to be incredibly overwhelming.  The Deus Machina's arsenal includes both long-range and short-range weaponry, each one packing massive power, as well as defensive spells as well.


Spell Selection: Bullet Spell:  Covered in shining symbols, the end of Nameless One's arm transformes into a huge, blocky machine gun and shoots numerous magic bullets, which has the power to reduce everything within a few square kilometers into a wasteland.

Spell Selection: Cannon Spell: A spell refined for the purpose of pure and uncompromising annihilation, Nameless One's arm transforms into a sinister cannon that, when fired, has the ability to “delete” information and sever something from causality, effectively erasing the target from the universe.

Spell Selection: Sword Spell:  Nameless One's arm changes its shape into that of an enormous sword.  Said sword has enough power to cut a Deus Machian such as Lord Byakhee in half in one swing.

Spell Selection: Bind Spell: Bullets pierce the area around the target and creates a burning circle around them with an archaic pattern appearing in the center.  This circle prevents the target from moving.

Self-Repair:  Nameless One has access to incredibly fast acting self-healing abilities.

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