Weight 2616 metric tons
Height 47.2 meters
Grimoire Cultes des Goules
Pilot(s) Titus

Ogre (皇餓) is the samurai-like Deus Machina of the Cultes des Goules  piloted by Titus .


Much like its pilot, Ogre is a bit similar to a samurai in appearance.  Its body is covered in a dark layered armor with purple shapes placed throughout.  Its face is largely featureless barring its eyes; however, there is a smaller face located below its chin On its back is a large backpack that acts as storage for its sub arms.

In terms of performance, Ogre has access to terrific speed and is fast enough to casually slice multiple bullets from Cthugha and Ithiqua perfectly in half.  Its power is further emphasized as it effortlessly slices durable 300-meter lesser gods in two and even cleaves through space and time.


  • Ogre's Sub-Arms
  • Ogre intercepting bullets from Ithiqua
:  Similar to its pilot, Ogre specializes in close-combat with katanas.  It can fight with either one or two at a time, and a single slash is enough to cleave apart time and space.

Extra Arms:  Should the situation call for it, Ogre has access to two extra arms, stored in its backpack. These extra arms are called forth as a surprise attack initially.

Katana Throwing:  Ogre can launch one of its katanas at an enemy should the enemy be too far away for close combat.