Raal Rovdy is the leader of Darkness Dawn and the main antagonist of  Kishin Taidō.


Raal Rovdy's appearance is that of a small, ugly old man; however, more often than not he assumes the form of Warda, Azrad's deceased wife. He cannot disguise his husky old voice when he is Warda, though.

In the Prayer Book of Blood's magius style, Raal Rovdy assumes a tight-fitting scarlet outfit similar to other magius styles.

After he was sacrificed to Zs-a Wia, Raal Rovdy was revived and his true appearance became that of a dark crimson tar that can change its shape.


Raal Rovdy, a self-proclaimed Atheist, is an old man that cares only for his primary goal of summoning Zs-a Wia, leading him to manipulate organizations such as Darkness Dawn and the tribe of the Servants of Zs-a Wia, whom view him as their chieftain.


After being reborn as Zs-a Wia's puppet and gaining the Prayer Book of Blood, Raal Rovdy has become a competent sorcerer. Among his new abilities, Rovdy gained an invulnerability to most methods of combat, the ability to forcefully cancel out spells targeted at him, and can turn rubies and other such stones into blazing volcanic bombs.