The Servants of Zs-a Wia were a small tribe and the most notable followers of the Outer God of the same name.


The tribe's home is deep within the Forest Where God Cries, located near one of the Amazon River's branches in Manaus.


The Servants of Zs-a Wia are normally identified by their thick lips, dark skin, huge bodies, and bald heads; however, their most defined feature is that they resemble a mixture of ape and reptile. They are not classified as humans; however, they are theorized to be the missing link that evolutionists spoke of.

After performing a ritual in the Temple of Dripping Darkness, the tribe sacrificed their original forms and became wriggling masses of crimson tar and tentacles that often assume the form of a bipedal beast.


As a tribe, they are known for being friendly and wise. Prior to meeting Raal Rovdy, they communicated through gestures, a few words, and vocalization that resembled a sort of song; however, after a few days of tutoring from Rovdy, the tribe was able to master elementary English. Though despite their wise nature, they are easily manipulated and have a tendency to follow those with a strong will.